What you do not wish on yourself, do not do unto others.

Having spent significant time in Asia, I am fascinated by its culture. Confucius was one of the most important thinkers in Eastern philosophy. His doctrines were responsible for the development of much of eastern societal norms, structure, and culture.

There is a book that his followers wrote, taking note of the most important teachers of their master. I was surprised at how similar much of his teachings were to our master, Jesus Christ.

Out of all of the ‘Analytics of Confucius’, there were two that stood out. The first was the teaching that Confucius believed was the most important, “Let there be no evil in your thoughts.” The second one may sound familiar: “What you do not wish on yourself, do not do unto others.” A real beauty in simplicity.

It should be no surprise that the most important philosophies of all cultures are similar. However, all of the greatest philosophers, leaders, scholars, and kings pale in comparison to the goodness that Christ was and is. We do not need to analyze this verse so deeply; it speaks for itself.

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